An APS Group Company

Over the years, Genesis has created intellectual property in the following fields

Data Security

  • Integrating Smart Card with Storage with Encryption
  • Securing Data at Rest
  • Key sharing Mechanisms for Data Exchange
  • Securing Portable Data
  • Securing Non Connected Data
  • Rendering of Secure Data
Data Storage Security
Data Storage Security

Data Transfer

1. Handling Real Time Data

2. Transparent and Protocol based

  • M2M
  • M2A
  • A2M
  • A2A

Genesis also has the proprietary design for the following products

  • Encrypted Storage
  • Secure Linux OS
  • Secure& Encrypted Document Distribution
  • Interception Protocol Design
  • Vehicle Tracking, Security and Mapping
  • Positioning using GPRS & GPS
  • Frequency Spectrum Management
  • Programmable platforms for DSP/embedded applications
Data Storage Security
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